Astro Paragliding is your paragliding source, located in central Oregon. We offer everything from instruction and gear to guided trips and Tandem rides. Our main focus is instruction, and our mission is to share our passion for free-flight. Our goal is to make the sport safer by helping ALL pilots improve their ground game. For us, Paragliding is our way of life, and we endeavor to fly every day!

We are located in Bend, Oregon, Pine Mountain is our primary home site, along with many other local sites depending on the conditions. Pine Mtn. has multiple launches and landings, and takes a wide range of wind directions. Famous for its summer late evening “glass offs” or "restitution", Pine Mtn. delivers a gentle lift in every direction making it a magic place to fly.

Instruction, from your first tandem flight, all the way to being a solo pilot (P2). We can take you every step of the way, in a safe, fun environment. In just a few hours you can be making your first flights. We specialize in kiting, the fine art of paragliding with your feet on the ground. One of the best ways to develop muscle memory and a connection with your glider. Soon you will be discovering a whole new world. Your next adventure is just a flight away!

We sell a full line of paragliding gear; Gin, Nova, Advance, AirG, and FlyFat, are just a few of the brands we sell. It is our objective not only to sell gear but to back it up with outstanding service and support. We are proud of the manufacturers we represent. Their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer service are second to none. To see a list of the brands we sell and love, click the button above.