P4 COURSE $4000 Spring 2024

Our P2(solo pilot) course is a bit different, in that we never stop. Once our pilots get their P2 ratings, the learning doesn't end, it's just the beginning. Your course tuition covers you all the way to P4, feel free to come back anytime. All that we ask is that you complete your P2 within 60 days of your first session. Tuitions are NONREFUNDABLE, our price is NONNEGOTIABLE. We supply all the gear you need for your training on the dune. Your coaching at the Dune and Pine Mountain, and so much more. Like any college course you will be required to have certain materials before you can start; your text book, a radio, a speed stuff bag, a helmet and to join Glider Training for your ground school. We can provide all of these items or you can buy them at Super Fly. We will meet or exceed all the requirements for USHPA P2 ratings. What is required of the Astro Paragliding student? Show up with stoke and a strong commitment to learning and follow-through( please don't start and stop your learning process, currency is the name of the game, gaps in the learning process just waste everyone's time). If you are not sure about committing yourself to learning for about ten days and regular practice there after you should probably look to a different activity. Courses are small, reserve your spot now. Ask about our Private P2 Course.  Before taking your first high flight you must buy your own gear, through Astro Paragliding. We like to get a $2000 deposit on gear at  time tuition is paid. A complete kit runs around $5500 to $6500 plus tuition total cost will be around $9000-$10,000. Before starting students should be in a position to cover the costs of training and gear. We do accept installment payments, but you will not be able to start training until you are paid in full and ready to commit to gear. If you do not plan on buying gear from us, please find another school. 

PRIVATE P2 COURSE $6000/2024

Accelerate your progression, insure your greatest opportunity for success with private coaching. Ask about our private guided tours. One-on-on  coaching, Exotic locations, VIP accommodations. 


Come out, check it out. This is your single session, full emersion, see if you like this kind of thing, deal. This also applies to continuing students from other schools. If after your two-hour session you should decide to enroll in a P2 course your single session fee will be applied.

TANDEMS $300/2024

Tandems are a fantastic way to get your first flying impressions. Every tandem flight is a learning flight, so you should expect your pilot to let you fly the glider! If you think you might like to learn to paraglide this is the logical first step. If you should choose to enroll your tandem fee will be applied towards your tuition. 



If you or someone you know has some sort of disability, is a disabled vet, cancer fighter/survivor, you or they, may qualify for grant money or ProjectAirtime. This can be as little as a tandem flight or complete P2 instruction with gear and everything needed to get you there. We are very fortunate to be part of the Superfly Paragliding and ProjectAirtime family.